Frequently asked questions

Care instructions

Moisture-resistant paper: every bead has been treated with vinyl glue and transparent glaze. For better maintenance, we recommend to not dip our jewelry in the water or to expose into excessive moisture situation.

All our jewelry are nickel-free and are created with the best material.
The price is proportional to the handcrafted work behind the creation of any item.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Before purchasing the jewelry, you can ask the gift option wrap, that includes a recycled paper package and an origami bird for decoration.

Custom and personalized orders

For any request, commission or change to one of our jewels, please do not hesitate to contact us with email and even on social networks.

To order

Some of our items can be purchased to order, for this reason the shipping time will lengthen approximately one week.
The jewel in this case is created specifically.