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Who we are
Peiti Bijoux

Peiti Bijoux is our activity of craftsmanship. We create jewellery with care and love, modelling recycled paper, a material that everyone seems to find in everyday life.
Behind this choice there is also a ethical need, since every year in all the world we waste a large amount of paper and this big destruction is a direct effect of deforestation.

Our first inspiration is the Nature, where the idea of garbage doesn’t exist and the environment assimilates all that ends its natural life that hence returnes into circulation.
This situation deal to our purpose, that is to make beautiful jewellery starting from a material that otherwise you usually throw away.

We create our jewelry with the quilling technique, which consist in rolling paper strips with patience.
Behind these items there is a slow and rigorous work. It consists in, first of all, designing the jewelry, then choosing the best papers and painting them with acrylics colours. Micro Pei then cuts the papers in thin strips, she rolls them, and she finally sets up the final object. Each paper bead, at the end, is treated with fixative to create a moisture resistant jewelry.
We use only the best materials (nickel-free), for keeping a high quality and a long resistance.

Peiti Yeh

Behind this project, there is a not conventional Italian designer. She realizes all the jewellery with a ability in the use of papers and colours.
This skill is as a result of years of experience. First of all, she studies architecture, then she has a working past in film industry (as set designer). In conclusion she got a precision gathered during a period as restorer of ancient paintings.

We are based in Rome, but we would like also to reach and spreads out our creations all over the world!